Most of our jewelries are brass base with real 14-18K gold finish. 925 sterling silver and stainless steel products are also available. All of our products are tested through each step when processing to guarantee the best quality.

No. Our gold plated jewelries are finished using the same quality requirements as our solid gold and sterling silver jewelries. We follows the highest plating techniques and requirements in this industry, which guarantees our jewelry to last longer than most gold plating jewelry in the market. Also, it allows our real gold plated jewelries to look and feels the same as solid gold jewelries.

Jewelry should be kept dry. If you don't wear a jewelry frequently, keep it stored in the dust bag or jewelry box. Avoid storing the jewelry with rubber products or containers. Keep your jewelry away from colognes, perfumes, or ther chemical products. Remove your jewelry if you are applying them. Gently clean your solid gold, or sterling silver jewelries with a soft polishing cloth.