Why do we change our name from Ice Bling Shop to Ghetluxe

We first started as Ice Bling Shop and sold hip hop jewelry back in 2018. As our brand continues to grow and expand, we want to serve a broader audience of men with jewelrys that not only serve hip hop community but also men that are into urban fashion.

The new name Ghetluxe represent the combination of urban culture and true spirit of hip hop. Ghet and Luxe are two words that describes how brothers in the hood are able to achieve something out of nothing. In fact some of the most interesting people from hip hop community comes from background with literally nothing. We want to take this brand spirit and show the best side of hip hop to the world.

However, our general mission remains the same. We are looking to offer our customer the fine quality jewelry at the most affordable price. We have been doing this and will continue to do this over as long as customers are willing to continue to do business with us.

Ghetluxe is a pround Direct to Consumers brand and jewelry manufacterer operating in more than 10 countries in North America, Europe and Australia.